Movie Posters – Russian Cinema

Markin, Vitaliy
44 x 32 sm

13 original watercolour movie posters from 1960s' designed by a celebrated Russian artist. All works were approved by a committee and became posters for Soviet movies – 'approved' signatures are visible in the front and some of them comes with a DVD. All framed and under glass.

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Markin (1924 – 1998) was born in the Don region, studied at the Rostov Art School, then at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. He regularly participated in city, regional and all-Union exhibitions. His works were exhibited in many European countries and even in Japan, some were sold at the Christie's and others still form part of the Rostov Art Gallery's collection. His work mainly embraced graphic art: linography, lithography, watercolour, gouache, tempera, posters and billboards.

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (1962). Honored Artist of Russia.


€ 550,00