The Cardplayers / De Kaartspelers

Oil on Canvas


This masterpiece by Toon Kelder has been exhibited in Dutch musea as the 'Van Abbe museum' in Eindhoven and in 2017 in the Museum of Alkmaar together with works of Sluijter en Gestel. The book of this exhibition is in our gallery. A picture of the work 'Cardplayers' is in the exhibition book.

Toon Kelder (1894-1973) was born on 24 November 1894 in Rotterdam. He was trained as a painter at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts. In addition, he visited the Hague Academy for a while. After completing this technically thorough training, he spent some time abroad in the years before and after the First World War, including in Belgium, Spain, North Africa and France, which he considered his second homeland.

Early work

It was only around 1924 that Kelder seriously opted for an existence as an artist and established himself as a painter in The Hague. Early work by his hand is more or less in line with the Bergen School, a sharply realistic style of painting in dark tones. Favorite subjects are interiors, portraits, still lifes, seascapes and landscapes, all set up in sturdy brushstrokes and constructed with large surfaces. Striking in this heavy work is the subtle presence of light and a solid sense of composition.

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