Celebrating the new city (etude)

Book cover sketches

Epiphany celebrations

Titov's speech

Movie Posters – Russian Cinema

Farrier with trailers

Woman with scarf

SOLD Brest-Litovsk Avenue in Kiev

Sportswomen of Dynamo

Singing Songs

During the break: girlfriends

Bazar in Kultuk (Uzbekistan)

Young people at rest



Reading girl

Portrait of a mature man

Milkmaid (Luba Rozhko)

SOLD Young girl in front of the radio

Girl from Yakutia

Boys in hats (study)

The Snow Queen

Gymnastic girl

Kravchenko’s portrait

Woman in blue

Portrait of a woman from Siberia

Landscape & Still-lifes

Bouquet of flowers

SOLD Dacha of Anton Chekhov (Gurzuf, Crimea)

Still life with watermelons

Vase of flowers

Winter in Tomsk

Flowers in the window


Sitting worker

Budyonovets - Revolutionary soldier

Man with cap

The Builders

Working the land (During WWII)

Portrait of the socialist labor hero Zinoviev V.Y (Study)

Maintenance electricians

Building a gas station at Kaniv, Dnepr

Group of workers in a steel factory

Workers taking a break – 50% off

Delegate of the 25th congress of the USSR Communist Party..

Boats & Beaches & Animals

Cows in the meadow

Boy at the sea – Eupatoria, Crimea