Festivities during Epiphany (DrieKoningen - NL)

Portraits of three Algerian women

At the races

Feast in Montmartre - SOLD

Various paintings more info on request

Sportwomen of Dynamo

Model and the artist

SOLD Caroussel

Brest-Litovsk Prospekt (street)

SOLD Green dance

‘Singing Songs'

At the Dnepr

Teahouse (Uzbekistan)

Bazar in Kultuk (Uzbekistan)

During the break. Girlfriends

Young people during a rest


The Snowqueen

Sitting Nude

Grandfather and grandson

V.Kravchenko’s portrait

Gymnastic Girl

SOLD Peasant girl

Special offer!!! Reading Girl

Boys with caps (study)

Portrait of a Lady from Siberia

Luba Rozhko, Milkmaid

Landscape & Still-lifes

Sakura Branch blossoming

Fisherboat at nightfall

Bouquet of flowers

Street in Kiev - Prospekt Brest-Litovsk

SPECIAL WINTER OFFER - Still life in a room

Winter at lake Baikal

Flowers near the Window

Siberian homes

At the shore of the village


Woman Worker

Building a dam in the Volga

E.Gurin - delegate of the 25th congress of the USSR..

'Building a gas station at Kaniv' (in the Dnepr)

Boats & Beaches & Animals

Port Breton - Harbour in Bretagne

The beach at Biaritz

Beach at Oostende

Pier at Oostende

Fishing harbour