Shoko in blue Kimono

The Young Rowers

Reading children

Harvest Festival

SOLD 'The gymnastics lesson'

'To spring' (K Vyaznya')

Brest-Litovsk Prospekt (street)

‘Singing Songs'

Young people during a rest

Kolchoz girls

Yuri Gagarin with young astronauts

At the market

Party meeting

Teahouse (Uzbekistan)

Bazar in Kultuk (Uzbekistan)

At the Dnepr

Young Children

Girl with hula hoop

Young man in blue - SOLD

Young man with book

'Break with a watermelon'

SOLD Reading girl

Grandfather and grandson

V.Kravchenko’s portrait

Gymnastic Girl

Portrait of a young man - SOLD

Kyrgizian boy with flute

Sailor of the Black Sea Fleet

Man with red scarf

Peasant girl

Woman in blue

Reading Girl

Boys with caps (study)

Portrait of a Lady

Luba Rozhko, Milkmaid

Spring and Warmth

Blossoming branch and a cloud

In the village

Siberian homes

At the shore of the village

Prospekt Brest-Litovsk

Horse sledge in winter

Red cherries (of the viburnum)

Winter at lake Baikal

Still life in a room

Still life in the window

Still life with cherries (at a buffet)

Still life with pomegranate

Flowers near the Window

Still life with lemons

Oriental still life

Woman Worker

Building a dam in the Volga

Industrial plant (1)

Visit of Kruschev to the mines of Donetsk

E.Gurin - delegate of the 25th congress of the USSR Communist Party

The worker SOLD

'Building a gas station at Kaniv' (in the Dnepr)

Worker of Avtovaz Stahl

Sandcastle study

Ships in a frozen river

SOLD Sandcastle

At the beach (Crimea)